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Just Jack


1.  Don’t worry, there will never be five KV-1s on the table; I’m thinking there will never be more than two, and I possibly may limit them to one KV-1 or T-34, which I’ll explain a bit more…

2.  The Germans haven’t abandoned combined arms warfare, nor artillery and anti-tank guns; please remember that “Hell Hath No Fury” is actually a pure tank vs tank game.  The only reason halftracks, trucks, infantry, guns, and armored cars are present is because I added them in myself because I wanted an experience more in line with what I’ve read in the Panzer Aces books, which is more than simply tank vs tank combat.

Furthermore, this campaign will be following a single German platoon of four tanks, two commanded by me and two by my son, through the entire war on the Eastern Front.  Another part of adding enemy infantry, trucks, and armored cars in was that it should make the missions a bit easier to accomplish, which may be cheating a bit, but remember that I actually want at least my son and I to survive to the end.  This is also the reason I’ll be limiting the number of Soviet monsters (KV-1s and T-34s in the early war battles when the Germans are still running around in puny tanks) on the table at one time.  I will literally be playing that the German Panzers have to do the following: to take out a T-34 they have to hit it from behind, and to take out a KV-1 they have to get to point blank range and roll 5’s and 6’s on 2D6 (hitting with both) in order to either shoot holes in the KV’s muzzle (disabling the main gun), immobilize it and cause the crew to bail, or just pound the vision blocks, hatches, and rivets until the crew bails.

3.  Those aren’t decals, I hand painted all the stuff.  I probably should have bought decals 😉

4.  I used the Panzer III rather than the Panzer 38(t) because I think the Panzer III is cool as hell, and will be using it all the way to the winter of ’42, when the platoon will get upgraded to Pz IVGs right before “Winter Storm.”

5.  “Zut alors, les Américains sont tellement dégoûtant! Coulée perles devant les pourceaux.”
And cut it out with all that Canadian, I can’t never understand that stuff 😉