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Alexander Wasberg

1)I’d say that’s probably just a typo. As the defender, placing at least 1 evacuee into play is required past turn 2 if there is to be any chance of victory for the attacker. So I think you could try the 3/turn for the first 3 turns, or allow the defender to place 1-3 units in turns 2 and 3. Either aproach works I think, depending on wether you want to skew the odds in favor of attacker or defender.

2) That sounds about right, 6 turns is way to long, by then you’ll have destroyed each other or the attacker will have swooped in and killed the defenceless evacuees. I think the reason they only have one action is so that the attacker can’t react to them moving in LoS. But allowing them 2 actions would help speed them along. I do think that you’d need a bit more terrain than usual on this mission, to give the evacuees a chance to screen their movement as to not get shot to ribbons first thing.

Your observations seems fair and the possible fixes well argued. I’d recommend running it again, with the above changes, and see what you and your opponent think of the result after trying it both ways.

Hope that helps in some small way ๐Ÿ™‚