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Chapter 12: Formations – the concluding part for mass miniature combat designed with ultimate gaming experience in mind. More tactical options and more personality to your regiments. Indomitable phalanxes and shieldwalls, a wedge that cuts through enemy ranks like a knife through a cliché, a stomping and bellowing or perhaps shambling and moaning horde, and more.

This officially wraps it all up. 12 chapters from the basic concept of wargaming with individual miniatures to fielding mighty armies on and off the table. The 12 labours are complete… Wait, it’s just the beginning. Next comes the biggest and the sweetest part of the book: weapons, skills, spells and lots of character profiles, complete with points value, so that you can just pick any miniatures you like and start playing.

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P.S. Chapter 11 on Regiments has been revised, so don’t miss the post preceding Chapter 12 with a list of changes.