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Rod Robertson


Yeah, blame Anton for your butterfly-wargaming proclivity. Maybe he should rename his business Butterflytrap Factory?  Just keep flitting from one campaign-flower to the next and eventually you will finally cross the Meuse with Kampfgruppe Klink! Of course by the time that happens Sgt. Rock and the boys will be flushing Viet Cong out of tunnels along the Loatian border while proto-Soviets and proto-NATO forces fight Napoleonic invaders supported by Cuba-Libre mercenaries and Royal Marine Commandos in the nearly radioactive Baltic States!  Face it Jack, you’re a tabletop pixie darting from one campaign to the next with bewildering speed. I blame television, the internet and too much sugar in your diet for your ADHG (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Gaming). It is both your curse and your driving muse!

Just yanking your chain, Marine; so keep up the great work, Jack! 

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.

PS. I’ll be gone for a week to ten days so you’ll have a break from my nit-picking and lame humour.