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Rod Robertson


It seems clear to me that you’ve given the force weighting issue a lot of thought. Would it be possible to give the Taliban more troops but limit their number of activations so that they could only fully utilize their force on turns when a scurry or fire order came up? This would give the RMC’s more adversaries while not systematically overwhelming them with accurate small arms fire each turn. There would be the possibility of withering fire from the Taliban ranks but it would not be a reliable or predictable event.

I like the idea of occasional supporting vehicles and/or IED’s but you have stumped me with the phrase “tank in OIF”. What does OIF stand for? What about adding civilians to muddy up the ROE’s and force the RMC’s to be more circumspect in their application of fire? Hunting dickers and spotters in a crowd of civilians might be challenging.

Cheers and keep up the great work, Jack.

Rod Robertson.