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Just Jack


“Would it be possible to give the Taliban more troops but limit their number of activations so that they could only fully utilize their force on turns when a scurry or fire order came up?”
I’ll have to think on that; right now I’m using the 5MAK activation system, not the normal 5MIN activation system.  5MAK has every guy activate every turn (plus, for these modern games, I threw in the idea that they get to react as well as act each turn), while 5MIN allows you to activate about 1 out of every three guys each turn, and guys that didn’t activate can react.  I suppose I could run the RMs with 5MAK and the insurgents with 5MIN; that could be interesting, and would certainly allow the RMs to be much more efficient than the bad guys, and thereby put more bad guys on the board.  I’d just need to figure out how many more bad guys, as it’s still only a 2′ x 2′ board.

Civilians will be a bigger part of some of the future campaigns (probably after OIF), and yes, OIF is Operation Iraqi Freedom.