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Henry Hyde

I used Philip Haythornthwaite’s ‘Uniforms of the Civil War’ (Blandford) and so the first unit I painted was the Irish Brigade, complete with green collars and cuffs, which it turns out they never had. The next one I went for was the Louisiana Tigers in their rather fetching brown jackets, which it turns out really should be blue. The current thinking also seems to be that the whole ‘ragged rebs’ and Confederates in butternut thing has been a bit overdone in the past and that the supply system in the South my not have been as bad as it was once thought.

Dagnabbit, and there was I with my Haythornthwaite poised!

Finally your biggest challenge is finding the correct shade of blue for union uniform trousers. Sadly they are not the sky blue of the Britain’s toy soldiers I had as a child. Finding the correct colour is a bit like trying to find Polish crimson for Napoleonic lancers, whatever shade you opt for it will not be quite right. 

Ah, to think of all those tins of Humbrol Sky Blue I got through as a young lad… Yes, even I’ve noticed that the shade of blue required doesn’t seem to come out of any paint pot I’ve seen. Time to do some old-fashioned mixing, perhaps. Does this mean I should throw away the Humbrol Polish Crimson as well…?  

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