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Just Jack

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.  And it’s Wali, not Walt, you knuckleheads…

John – I do like those West Germans, looking good.  But I’m going to cut back, I’ve got too much stuff.  I’m actually going to sell off some of my stuff, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in modern 15mm that is singly based.

Rod – The roads are either vinyl or canvas backed, very flimsy (not weak, I guess I mean flexible like rubber), and they’ve got large grit sand.  And you can’t blame me for your purchases, though I don’t know what you do with all those Taliban.  I need to buy some Tali-motorcycles though; the only ones I’ve seen are from Old Glory.  And I assume you mean Flytrap Factory, not Fireforce?  Regarding what’s next, I’m not sure…

I’ve got all kinds of stuff to finish for my USMC in Vietnam.
I keep thinking about my 15mm ARVN in Vietnam, and they’re actually ready to go.
I have some Doggies for Vietnam I need to paint, thinking of the movie “Platoon.”
I hear my Japanese MGs are on the way, so my USMC in WWII might just start!
I need to finish out Cronistria (Cuba Libre).
I need to start “The Fall of South Leon” (Cuba Libre).
I need to finish KG Klink’s Fall of France.
I need to put more work into Operation Jupiter (I’ve played 8 or 9 out of 30 scenarios…).
And I’ve got a wild new secret project I’m working on that everyone will just love.  Okay, maybe just me, but I’m very excited about it.