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Hello all fellow gamers and modelers my name is William Harley  (common handle Willz).

I have been war-gaming from 1972 when a friend in Ipswich introduced me to Napoleonic war-gaming with Airfix figures, I then found the “Wargame” in the local library and have not looked back.  The periods I have played range from early medieval, late medieval, war of the roses, War of the Austrian Succession, Seven Years War, Napoleonic wars all 28mm, World War 2 20mm and (40k when figure prices were sensible).

I have been an avid “Rapid Fire” gamer for 20 odd years now, currently I have drifted back to my favorite period 18th century  and I am refurbishing my 28mm figures.  They were individually based but now I am basing infantry 40 x 40mm 4 figures and cavalry 50 x 50mm 2 figures per base.  The main reason for the base change is transport and stowage (the figures kept falling over when based individually).

My ethos is gaming and painting figures are for fun, I do not do competition gaming, the hobby is to be enjoyed.