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Allen Campbell

The rules are unit based and on an army level game, not a skirmish game.  The basing is very flexible as long as both players are based roughly the same way.  Emphasis is on the melees, which often last several turns and have ebb and flow to the combats (it is a little less so in the fast play variant…quick and bloody).  I use six sided dice of different colors, but they are not standard D6 and they have different values.  The dice were produced in a way so that they are not expensive and are included with the game.  The idea is that instead of modifiers add to dice rolls, the player merely rolls a different dice color based upon the situation and the number rolled is the number used.  This does speed the game up a little according to players that have been involved in the games.  Most players have the rules down by turn 2 or 3.  This is not to say that there is not some depth to the rules, and players have a lot of decisions to make during the turns.  Activation is card based by commands and dice rolls are opposed, both things keep players engaged during the turn phases.  I will try to get more info out as I get closer to a release date.  There are still a few things that I am cleaning up with them.

Thanks   –   Allen