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I only have a few books on the FIW (not my period), but the best two I have (both still in print) are Crucible of War – The Seven Years’ War and the Fate of Empire in British North America 1754 – 1766 by Fred Anderson. This is a pretty comprehensive one volume history that covers the war in an 800+ page paperback. It is a solid history and it was, from memory, well reviewed. The other is a big boys Osprey – indeed it is published by Osprey and seems to contain a fare few Osprey plates from their other books – it is called Empires Collide – The French Indian War 1754 – 63. Again it is in paperback (270+ pages) and covers the war in what I can only call a ‘toilet reading’ way. It isn’t comprehensive, but like all Ospreys it is an easy way in with lots of short, sharp well illustrated chapters – I liked it.

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