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Michael Hobbs

I’m kind of in the same position as Mick A, I also invested in the KS and am dismayed with the lack of interest westwind are giving the game, that being said I did get a whole pile of really interesting figures to paint up from the KS so I’m happy with that.

however the basic game is excellent and really captures the feel of Gothic Horror games, and the campaign system is second to none. it is still one of my favourite games and one I enjoy playing, when I get the chance. I do think the game needs a bit of love from Westwind as they’ve released some fantastic sculpts but haven’t been able to support those figures with rules that people can allow them to be used properly, which is one of the downsides to rules that have specific character types and specific rules for those characters I guess

I have started looking at Pulp Alley though as I think the character generation section in that will allow me to use the figures I have from the Kickstarter in new and interesting ways, if you are interested in Gothic horror that might be another avenue to try out



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