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Not too many figures right now…15 cavemen to be painted. I have 15 dino-raptors painted but yet to be flocked.

I have been trying to focus on terrain in 2014. Other than some diversions into pulp figures, I have gotten a lot done. I finished some western and Japanese buildings in the Spring. My scratch-built outhouses look great.

Jungle, Egyptian ruins, fantasy (LOTR) scaffolding for subterranean and urban terrain have all been on and off the table in the last 2 months. I still have to cleanup some ‘Project Bricks’ from some stonework Egyptian terrain. I have to weather and detail some gray ramps and walls and elevators for Death Star gaming. My GW Hobbit Goblin Town terrain still needs to be dipped…I under-paint it to de-emphasize the skulls and silly┬ábits. Most of my jungle stuff is in the can. A few trees need some finishing paintwork and flock. I have been very productive this year.

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