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Michael Hobbs

I’ve done some solo testing of Star Wars using Pulp Alley. The first full game is this Thursday. The rules provide for an excellent SW skirmish, infinitely better than the old West End games rules and the WoTC rules. Nothing needs to be changed in the rules. All the changes that I have made are league construction changes. The upcoming supplement ‘Vice Alley’ has some necessary rules for Gangs (5 figures acting as one) that seem crucial to Stormtoopers, but these can be found on the various Pulp Alley forums if you can’t wait. The author of the game suggested perhaps adding an extra Ability to each sci-fi character. This really helps profile the iconic Star Wars heroes and villains. Other sci-fi genres, like Star Trek or perhaps 40K, would not need these bonus abilities. I even add this bonus ability to the gangs. It works a charm. Pulp Alley works great with 1 to 3 heroic members of a league, but suffers some with 4 to 6 figures necessary to mimic teams of heroes like the rebels of A New Hope. The standard league is a 4th level leader, a single 3rd level sidekick and various 1st and 2nd level underlings. A variant of a 4th level hero and two 3rd level sidekicks is also common in play. I created a special league type allowing for a lot of 2.5th level ‘almost sidekicks’ called peers to recreate some of the sci-fi teams like the iconic bounty hunters and rebel heroes. I’ll publish it on the pulpalley.com site when I think it properly tested, but it should be easy enough for anyone to do something similar. Some of my working leagues… https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157645853192578 Robert

that all sounds really interesting Robert, I’ll wander over to the playtest site and see if I can get a look at the new rules

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