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I like Commands & Colors Ancients the best. Manageable, unpredictable games requiring skill to play that give plausible results.

I’ve played Warmaster Ancients, Hail Caesar, Might of Arms, AMW, DBx, Impetus, Ancient Hack, WAB, Armies of Arcana, Vis Bellica, Armies of Arcana, Waken the Storm, War of the Rings as a historical games, Fields of Battle, FoG and many others. Only WoTR, Hail Caesar and AMW are marginally good IMO, but I would only wish to play them occasionally despite my love of the period.

For skirmish, I have played LOTR SBG for ancients and it plays well…rules through the Yahoo LOTR Variants group. While I have yet to do so, SAGA seems like it would also work well for skirmish. Ronin would also adapt well to ancient skirmish also. I’m sure other skirmish games work well also. I have limited interest in skirmish games of this period.

I own Archon 2, but have yet to play it. As the author is near to my home, I keep hoping he’ll host a game at a local convention rather than having to delve into Piquet on my own. So far, I have had no such luck. They do look very promising for my interest in chaotic rules.

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