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Graham Knight

I disposed of my original 1st edition Minifigs Napoleonics 25s to a friend who had coveted them for years.  They are in use. I painted them in the late 60s.  The second edition though, some I brought with me to Nigeria and to India now. I am adding to them all the time. I have Perry for 1815, and Eureka for 1796 but my singly based Dick Higgs sculpts still get regular outings in the Low Countries and the uplands of Spain.   Sometime for Sharp Practice, sometimes for Black Powder, sometimes for basic Charge! Shiny and resilient they still provide for a grand game.  Only the French and Brits are here.  When they return to Europe they will be re-united with their Portuguese, Spanish and Imperial Guard brethren and no doubt they will continue to  shine on battlefields new.  I just like the simplicity of the sculpts which respond equally well to complex or simple painting.