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Dear Pijlie

I have though long and hard before I replied.  I don’t want this thread to run off in the wrong direction nor do I want anybody thinking I have an ulterior motive.  Yes I am a published author (of sorts) but strictly medieval.  AWI and medieval are my two favorite periods and they go back and forth with me.

On the plus side I must congratulate the author on his mentioning of the different “orders” that British used during the war.  Until recently this was either ignored by rules or just not know about.

Let me say that as an exp. gamer in the period I have all the information given in the book and find it easy to find, however as I said for the novice it is a good compilation.  I will also point 0ut that out of 148 inside pages at lease 72 have half or more of themselves covered with color photographs of figures.  Most of which have little bearing on the page.

Lastly while I haven’t gone through each scenario Bunker Hill stands out to me as missing the mark.   On a few points the water side where the Lights attacked is not present, the bunker itself is open backed which it wasn’t and Charleston is way to close and is presented as a viable part of the action.

So I will leave it at that and don’t care to discuss it any further if that is all right.



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