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Wow Simon, you lucky git. How did you get your missus to go for that. I tried, but mine was having none of it, I had to settle for a trip to Rome. Tell me, what time of year was that? It looks pretty green. Blimey, that really is a defile by the lake isn’t it. Hannibal, my hero, but even I might have seen the possibilities of an ambush here.

Yes, much is made of the spurs in which H. hid his troops. I wonder how much the terrain has changed? I bet not much. It was a pretty wild area then – not that many people – so I can’t imagine that the land was required for farming. Very much ‘fringe’ areas for farming on the hills.

And yes, if I do it again I will have more trees. I have more now but, I might need even more. Any excuse for buying more trees is a good one (my missus doesn’t see the need, and would just like to see them more widely spaced!). Thanks, I’m going to show her this picture and say that it was you who sent it to me!

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