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Ivan Sorensen

I’m only passingly familiar with CWC but if the standard rules assume say 4 tanks firing at 4 tanks, in theory, you should be able to employ them for 1 tank firing at 1 tank.

The biggest issue is that a tank will tend to either be “okay” or “burning” with not a lot inbetween, whereas the accumulation of hits work better for a platoon that will suffer degradation in fighting ability. That may not be an issue though if you are okay squinting a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

As far as 15mm goes, just keep the distances the same, unless you are playing on a small table. It’ll feel like a totally different game if you do and it’ll give a better impression of weapo nranges.


Am I right in assuming you want infantry mounted in squads and individual tanks, rather than individual infantry?

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