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Piyan Glupak

It might be easier if you specified what kinds of features of rules you liked.  For instance, I would suggest the ‘RRR’ adaptions for DBA.  On the other hand, if a variation of DBA is not your cup of tea, then that suggestion might be mildly irritating for you.

I used to play DBR for my ECW games.  DBR is more complex and detailed than DBA, but a little less complex than either DBM or DBMM.  I liked it; it was a breath of fresh air after playing ‘Forlorn Hope’ with the adaptions for 6mm figures that were recommended by the authors at that time.  Ironically, when I last played Forlorn Hope, I used 25mm individually based figures with some use of movement trays, which is what it was written for, and it was a reasonable game.  Those adaptions for 6mm made Forlorn Hope a much worse game.  I suppose that the message is that Forlorn Hope is a good choice if you like casualty removal of individual figures, whereas if you prefer element based games, DBR might well satisfy.

I never meant to stop playing DBR, it is just that someone did some different troop types and army lists for DBA, and called it ‘DBA RRR’.  DBA is one of my favourite games, so I found DBA RRR easier and quicker to play than DBR.  All of a sudden I realised that I hadn’t played DBR for a couple of years, but I had had several sessions of DBA RRR.

DBA RRR is a free download from the FADBAG Yahoo Group.   You will also need a set of DBA 2.2 rules to play a game.  I love it, but it is DBA with different troop types and army lists.