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Simon Miller

Hi James,

I must say that I had no idea we were so close to Trasimene until a week before the holiday, it was a happy coincidence.  Next year, I would very much like to visit Rome, or perhaps Istanbul…  However I find a suitable strategy is to pick one’s battlefield (quietly), and then find a compelling touristic reason to visit the locality.  🙂  I’d love to visit Chaeronea one day

The photos were taken last Friday.  The weather (before our visit) had been unseasonably wet, so everything was rather greener than it would normally be at this time of year.  The hills are fairly steep and wooded; just the place for one’s Gauls.   Although the tree canopy is thick, I don’t imagine that the woods would be particularly hard to move through, although keeping formation would be out of the question, and cavalry would need to lead their horses.  The woods would likely conceal troops marking down from the ridge.

A steep-tree lined slope would make a great backdrop for a future game…

Best, Simon