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Jeff Hudelson


I have played (and enjoyed) “Victory Without Quarter” on several occasions (although admittedly in an earlier setting).  Unfortunately my opponent does not like them at all . . . *sigh* . . . but I thank you for the suggestion, particularly as it is an excellent one.

Clarence Harrison’s “Victory Without Quarter” are indeed a fun set of rules . . . and, while not specifically written as such, they make a very good set of solo ECW rules.  I fought quite a few battles using them during my chemotherapy.

I had two “internet generals” who planned their attacks and then I’d solo game them out until I needed more input from them.  I never knew what the next card would be making it lots of fun.  Those interested in seeing this earlier period version can view my blog of it here:


As with all blogs, you would probably be best served by going back to the start and moving forward.  It was great for me (particularly because I could quit as I tired).  But, as I say, my opponent does not like them.  Still General Slade’s suggestion is a good one.


— Jeff