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Dear All,

Formatting seems to have fallen out of my earlier post, so here it is again tied up a bit:

We are already seeing a flood of new books being released timed to cash in on the resurgent interest in the Bicenntennial of Waterloo and the 1815 Campaign next year. For what its worth here are some that I think will be worth my hard earned dollars:

Title, Author, Publication date, Why I think they’re worth it!

Waterloo 1 Quatre Bras

Waterloo 2 Ligny

Waterloo 3 Mont St Jean & Wavre

All the above by John Franklin (Osprey) Being published from  20/11/14 and thereafter. Author with solid reputation of existing scholarship/Osprey usually good value

The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815 Peter Hofschorer/Gerry Embleton 20/10/14 Another Osprey. Both authors are excellent. I’ve crossed swords with Hoffie but he’s the authority on the Prussian army when he doesn’t have an axe to grind. Gerry’s illustrations are always worth the dosh on their own.

Waterloo The Decisive Victory Col Nick Lipscombe 20/10/14 Author-serving British Army Officer and previously published outstanding work (Wellington’s Guns and the Peninsular War atlas

Prelude to Waterloo – Quatre Bras Andrew W Field 19/10/14 Author-serving British Army Officer and previously published outstanding work (Waterloo the French Perspective

Waterloo: The history of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles Bernard Cornwell 05/05/15 Author- if Bernard can’t make yet another Waterloo history unputdownable no-one can!

Waterloo Myth and Reality Gareth Glover 19/12/14 Author also has a good record in this field and is an ex Royal Naval Officer to boot – need I say more!

I look forward to hearing if I have missed any good ones, or if you disagree with my selection! Cheers!

'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
Matthew 5:9