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Shawn doesn’t mind people tweaking the rules, in fact, he positively encourages it so adjust as it suits your need.
I don’t know what scale you’re playing in but I’ve gone 20mil so have had to adjust ranges etc. If you want to open up your ambush ranges then multiple the TQ x 3 (or more) instead of 2. That’ll give you an ambush range of 18″ for D6 TQ troops; if you then scale up detection ranges by half  D8 TQ troops will then have a detection range of 12″, or, you could leave that as is if you prefer.
Using blinds is one way to go, another is to map locations, that way the Regs will have no idea where the insurgents are and will move accordingly.
Tie this in with spotting checks and some other ideas here and you might be on the way to solving some of the issues you’re finding.
As for leaders, I’m with you there, maybe if they fail to roll a 4+ but roll a 1  then one of them takes the lead next turn ? Same if they roll a 6, they activate but one becomes the leader.