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Thanks man! I painted and stripped down this figure twice before I got a combination I was happy with. Now I have a formula in my book I can mass produce them and get the whole clan painted.

They’re going to be battling the Kanda Clan for control of Northern Honshu, but I’m not sure what the colors I want to use for the Kandas yet. I’ve done so many brightly colored forces by now I may have exhausted my possibilities! Blue and Green may be good, but with the Uesugi using purple I may choose a stronger if less historical contrast. Green and gold maybe.

Hell it took me a year to come up with this one, after all…

And for the record, I’ll be calling my mecha Tavshar Ronin, in honor of a short lived game they remind me of, not to speak of the fact that they’ll be fighting for Japanese liege-lords in the Odayakana Jidai…