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Jerboa wrote:

A die roll is pure luck, Rock-Paper-Scissors is luck combined with intuition.

As intuition generally has the same predictive power as pure chance, combining it with luck leaves just luck.

I understand well where you stand. But I’ve played coin games that are no much different from Rock-Paper-Scissors and there are thinking patterns underlying each actual bet. In fact you try to anticipate your opponent choices and you do choose.
In dice rolling there is no choice, let’s say it is less involving. Plus, there are scientific studies that prove that human anticipation for the results of a random draw are above the random average: those studies were done with card drawing trying to guess what color, number ,etc.
But mathematically I can accept that’s exactly as you say.
So I would conclude this is again about personal preference: someone might feel more motivated when called to take a guessing decision.