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28mm Seven Years War –

Austrians – Crusader and Front Rank, good clean war games figures. I’d use Front Rank for the cavalry. Infantry, I wouldn’t mind a mix (not in the same unit).

Prussians – Foundry and Front Rank, Foundry infantry have very little equipment to paint and are well proportioned. You have to be careful with some of the Foundry cavalry command packs so I’d use Front Rank, especially for dragoons.

Russians – Foundry, the infantry without coats are a dream because you can paint them with a roller.

Brits and French – Front Rank, don’t own any but I’ve painted loads for commissions, especially French.

Otherwise, if I were to start again, Fife and Drum have a certain amount of style and I’m seeing, by the number of painting commissions I’m getting, that I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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