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The purpose of this thread was to find games and authors that followed the deterministic or near deterministic road.

One more boardgame came to sight:
Battle: The Game of Generals (1979)
This is relevant because it precedes the Complete Brigadier. Thanx to Mc Veigh

I have not found so far another game published as Miniature rules without randomizers or written orders, besides AWE 10.

I’m glad the discussion took the route of classifying games in general, but will not engage into particular game analysis deeper than a generic classification. That can be done elsewhere, but requires a high gentlemanly level, because of the risk of degenerating into a flame war. I’m willing to discuss anything at that level, especially game theory, even on  a particular game. But do not invite me to an historical wargame table based on dice.

I’ve learnt that the large majority of the Miniature Wargames are partially stochastic systems.
Non-random boardgames mentioned here are deterministic.
The first two Miniature wargames in the list are deterministic, despite that The Brigadier includes a random part, partially stochastic.

I believe that Stratego, plus AWE 10, could be described as deterministic step decision systems. Anyway this is only a tentative classification, it is very hard to me to be sure without pro confirmation.
These types of generic classifications are a very interesting subject to me, thank you all. And some humor is certainly refreshing as we follow on the hard road.