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Howard Whitehouse

Assuming you want genuine 20s/30s era figures, the first UK place to go is Copplestone Castings, for his ‘Back of beyond’, ‘High Adventure’ and ‘Mad Dogs with Guns’ ranges. Top of the line stuff.


Artizan’s ‘Thrilling Tales’ line is great:


Victoriana style ranges will offer some good items, but remember that clothing styles changed a lot after 1918, and just because it’s all ages ago as far as we are concerned, it doesn’t mean that an elegant lady in 1930 wore a dress her grandmother had bought. Street urchins, crazy old coots, ragged beggars — they’ll be fine.

Buying figures from the US is a good deal for British customers at present, since the exchange rate is in Sterling’s favour. Bob Murch at Pulp Figures (although ruggesly Canadian) sells in US dollars. here’s his shipping page, which indicates that it’s not a bad deal at all:


The customs stuff is another matter, and I can’t offer anything on that one.



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