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“Everyone still has their PPE things?” says McCallum. Everyone nods and McCallum gets Woods to lower the force fence for the Munchers cell. At first nothing happens and it takes McCallum and Woods to poke the animals with their Chayonets, to get them to move towards the door. Woods unlocks the door to the corridor and opens it. Despite their size, once a meal is presented the Munchers move fast and wasted no time in moving through the door. Woods then closes and locks the door once the last Muncher is through. McCallum and Denials lower their rifles with a sign of relief.

They wait what seems to be an eternity and slowly look into the deserted corridor.

“Nothing, no bodies, no blood, no Stricken and no Munchers”. Says Woods

“Messy battle field clean ups” Says Denials

The team move into then corridor and suddenly hear a noise from behind. They quickly turn and see Hess who jumps out of his skin and nearly fires a shot into the ceiling with his six shooter.

“You’re not going to stop much with at”. Says McCallum.

“Oh, this” Says Hess, holding the antique Colt 45 at a bit of an odd angle. “It was a 50th birthday present from my daughter. Thought it was better than nothing when all this started. Never was much in to guns really”

“Where have you been anyway?”

“I was trying to stop the D-gen from coming out of hibernation”. He says. “But was unable to prevent it. So I thought I better catch up with you lot. Then I found the corridor full with Stricken. So went back inside the lab”.

“Okay, now lets get out of here”. Says McCallum. The team move outside the gate room, then a loud bang comes from up the corridor.

“It is awake and coming” Says Hess. “The door to the lab is solid and lined with Carbon 7. Should hold for a while”.

They move into the gate room with caution. No sign of any more bio-weapons or mercenaries. But what they didn’t see was number 2 security bot. It turns on its tracks and opens fire on the team. They respond by spliting either side of the force fence opening. Bullets ping and ricochet everwhere. The bot takes several rounds which just bounce off its armour. Denials throws a grenade over the wall which causes the bot to lose a track and become inmobilized.

“We don’t have time for this” Says Woods. “That armour is too thick, we need more firepower”

McCallum thinks hard……

….to be continued

Okay peeps, just one more left to after this. While I’m doing the last instalment for the conclusion. Have a think on what to do with the bot. Sure they can carry on with shooting and throwing grenades. But the D-gen is coming and the reactor is going critical. So time is of the importance. I’ll give a clue, the answer is in the pic.

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  • This reply was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by greg954.