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I see it’s been cancelled now, but they seem to be working on a reconfigured KS for later. I especially like the sound of this:

One small surprise in this campaign was the amount of feedback concerning the troop minis. Those were originally the primary focus of our plastics efforts, but they got back-burnered in favor of the landships. Seems like our first instinct was our best one, so we’ll put the troops back on the drawing board. We’ll settle on a firm size; we’ve followed closely the discussions on the pros and cons of smaller figures, and while we probably won’t go way down to 1/1500 or smaller, we’ll go for the smallest size that still shows clearly recognizable design traits. We’ll get them modeled up at the new size, too, so that we’re not using placeholders. And we’ll probably move them up into an earlier stretch goal, if not into the main Kickstarter funding goal.

That sounds heartening for those of us who are following this project partly or even mainly for the mechs and vehicles that maybe, just maybe, will be compatible with 3mm. I just hope that enough overall interest for a high-production-value game of landship fleet combat in the HG universe does exist, and the lackluster performance of this KS is more down to misgivings about the particulars.

I’ve neglected to mention that I have a lot of respect for Wunji Lau, because Jovian Chronicles Lightning Strike is an excellent ruleset.