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Oh yes Stroezie, I’ve drooled over Fleetmo’s stuff for a bit now, just brilliant work!  I will be employing about 1/2 and 1/2 3d printing and hand building for the EF ship.  Some of the interior will be just too hard to do by hand.


Kit Banana: oh yes, Ironhand has some GREAT stuff!  I am particularly blown away by his VOTOMS figures and games.  Was bummed when I first found his site as the 1/48 VOTOMS had already come and gone and are just about impossible to find now.  Or at least until a new movie or book pops up, then they’ll probably do another cycle of models and toys.


Been working with the rules a little and think I’ll be going with hexes.  Makes vertical movement easier to handle, as well as “who is in cover” and “who can melee” in and amongst the debris and space junk.  If you’re in the same hex, you can punch it out, otherwise it’s guns guns guns!  Hexes make ranging easier as well.  Might add “fuel” to the mix as a stat, but it is only used when a special maneuver is used, like dodging or doing a boost maneuver.  Also, can make the table top painted metal  sheet and have the flight stand bases magnetized, that way they wont tip over.

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."