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craig cartmell

I must admit that the passage is somewhat clumsy, though knowing one of the authors I am sure it was not ill-intentioned.

Before responding to it elsewhere though, I did a quick review of my own books and found, unsurprisingly, that in most I referred to the player as male and the figures as ‘it’, unless they were actually named male or female characters.

Does this make me sexist or even a misogynist?

In all these cases the decision lies with those who are offended by it. I certainly did not write them with the intention of promoting a sexist or misogynist political agenda. Nor did I do so to further a particular cultural norm. I simply wrote them in my own voice.

Having been around for some time I have always been heartened when I encounter an increase in the number of female war and role-playing gamers, authors and traders. Indeed I have done what I can to promote their inclusion as fellow participants in our hobby.

So, if I have offended or discouraged any women by my writings I apologise and, I shall endeavour to improve my writing style to be more inclusive.


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