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Well, seeing as how I am supposedly a card-carrying social justice warrior who  writes professionally for a scientific field that is very definitely heavily inhabited by the breed, I have some experience with this. And I think the best rule I have ever seen was established by White Wolf / Lion Rampant Games back in the 1990s. Given that one of their founders was a transwoman, some heavy thought probably went into this one. This is what they told their writers back then:

You can use gender non-specific pronouns if you like, but this often is too jarring, stylistically speaking. What you do, then, is simply change gender pronouns in your examples, switching up from time to time. So in one example, you say “When the player’s regiment reaches breaking point, then he needs to roll a morale test.” In the next example, you say “This regiment is disordered and in contact with the enemy. It’s owner needs to test morale. She picks up the dice and rolls an eleven and the regiment passes”.

This neatly solves 99.9% of the problems. It doesn’t mangle the English language making it try to be neutral. It gives both genders page time without making a big (or even really noticeable) deal about it. About the only possible complaint I can see is that people who insist on being non-gender specific might say that it is too gender binary. At which point you cheerfully ask them what pronoun of choice they’d use and occasionally drop that in. Or just use the occasional completely gender neutral construct and say, “Oh, but people like you are there, too. See on page X where the gamer’s gender is not specified”.

So everyone’s happy: you get to look like a reasonable and inclusive person and the English language gets to maintain its poetry.

The only UNhappy people — and I expect there will be quite a few on the Site that Must Remain Unnamed — would be the folks whose REAL beef is that people with vaginas are being allowed near gaming tables for anything other than bringing in the tea. I would particularly like to see a certain elderly Napoleonics buff reading an after-action report that says “Napoleon’s forces are now over-extended: she sends in the Guard in a last attempt to grasp victory”.


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