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Skimming that ‘100 Years Ago’ thread, it looks like all your models are pointing at each other, besides moving up and down on sticks and streaming smoke and flame as they go down. Nice toys, by the way. I play games with models precisely so I can create that sort of moving diorama. I like it like that.

Of course it’s possible to design a wargame that uses models, but doesn’t resolve into moving dioramas where the toy airplanes point at each other to shoot. A few years ago I dabbled in a set of WWII air combat rules called Instant Bandits. To give credit, they were written by N Lancaster (sorry, I’ve forgotten your first name, N) who gave me a free copy. This game is played on a grid that represents position, but it’s not an analog display – the planes don’t point at each other to shoot. I played with cardboard counters, but could easily have used 3D painted models.

As it happens, Instant Bandits didn’t hold my attention. It worked well enough, but was too abstract to satisfy me. I point toy airplanes at each other because that’s how I like to play. Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew!

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