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Kaptain Kobold

I think one has to be realistic, that we are largely still on a journey from pretty much dinosaur attitudes to becoming enlightened in relation to not being exclusive in all its forms, not just sexism.

It is difficult to change entrenched cultural attitudes and the fact that we have genuinely come this far in such a short space of time is quite remarkable. We are very different people now than we were just 30 years ago and I think getting better at it all of the time – no longer because of policy and such directing us, but rather because we want to and to do so is becoming second nature as the example is sub-consciously set.

As for rules, I write in gender neutral , but that’s because I am consciously aware as I write the sentence. The issue at the heart of this post is that at this point in time, not everyone is consciously aware, but the direction of movement is at least moving in the right direction.

If only we could be as good at getting better at having good manners, courtesy and just generally being less selfish in public.

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