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I believe that SWMBO has indeed purchased the 1/400 Musai for me for xmas!!! Wooot! So now for the EF ship… found this do-up of the Columbus type transport, and believe it or not this pic is of a model that is 1/1700 scale!


Now, it should be a breeze to do at 1/400. BUT, I have recently been made aware that there is ANOTHER option: there is a ship in “Gundam: The Origin” that basically has 6 bays on each side that holds a single Mobile Suit. Smaller than the Columbus, probably on 108m than the 225m, and it has 4 AAA turrets. Might work… Still trying to decide if I want an actual warship that has been retrofitted to carry some MS, or if I want a “stop gap” type carrier…

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."