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Keep in mind, this is a FOF-centric question on the FOF board, everyone 

I’d forgotten that FOF has a Cold War Gone Hot supplement. It’s an intriguing thought, gaming a 1980s “what-if” conflict in Europe on a more-or-less skirmish level.

I also notice now there’s a Bush Wars supplement I never knew about. That’s an intriguing theme as well. It’s a somewhat sensitive topic (racism, vestigial colonialism, etc) but I can’t say I’m not interested in the African bush wars as historical conflicts, however ugly they are to behold on a more emotional level.

Ultimately, though, I’m not a FOF player, but I thought I’d contribute a bit to the discussion and try to bring it back on track a bit. If I did play FOF (or any other late-C20th-to-moderns ruleset), I think 1980s Cold-War-gone-hot or 1960s-1980s bush wars would be my scene. Some other “end-of-colonialism” conflicts like the Aden Emergency and Malayan Emergency also interest me, mainly because they’re terra incognita to me, but they may perhaps fall outside the FOF timeframe.

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