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I’m sure I won’t have a chance to play it for a long time, truth is I’ve been completely in painting, modelling and rules-reading mode for several years by now (and anyway, I only received the book and figures today). Silly though it may sound, part of my motivation for wanting rulebooks with high production values is absorbing inspiration for my own painting and modelling efforts. Seeing the photos and artwork in the Rogue Stars rulebook makes me itch to paint more sci-fi figures and make more sci-fi terrain.

I’ll definitely want to compare Rogue Stars to Starport Scum and/or Clash on the Fringe (presently I only have CotF, I’m not really clear on how Starport Scum is different or which of the two is closer in concept to Rogue Stars). Thanks for pointing out Void Pirates, I wasn’t aware of it but now I’m interested in that, too.

It strikes me that Rogue Stars is being released with perfect timing. A similarly-themed Star Wars film has just hit cinemas (rogues, rebels… close enough), and hype is building up for the second Guardians of the Galaxy film and the Valerian & Laureline film coming next year. To say nothing of the expectations that have already begun building up for the 2018 Han Solo prequel Star Wars film. Now is the time to be collecting and gaming with roguish spacefaring adventurers.