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So a fella told me about a ship that appears in Gundam: The Origin, and though it has very little screen time and I ahve found nothing in any database about it (and “getz blawed up reel guud”) it has some interesting design features!  So here it is:

This ship carries 12 Mobile Suits! That’s a lot! And of course they get decimated by the Zeon units.  But, it looks to me like it is meant for Lunar operations and may not be a true “black space” type vessel.

So anywhoo, now what I am thinking is maybe take the Lepanto class, put 3 of these types of bays on each side (removing the large and medium missile launchers as well as modifying those weird side bridges), but keeping the small ventral missiles, large forward missiles, and particle canon. It won’t be a big threat to the Musai, but it will be better defended and still able to do a little harassing.


Here’s the little Lipanto for you to visualize:

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."