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Any suggestions for 15/18mm fantasy buildings? I will of course make some myself, but time is also of course of a factor..

15mm.co.uk: LINK. The “civilised” buildings might not suit the arid, semi-barbaric vision of Cimmeria from the first movie, but the orc huts should suit Picts well, methinks.

Hovels: LINK. Being rather old products, I’d expect them to be on the smaller side of 15mm, but can’t be sure.

Monolith Designs: LINK. You might want to e-mail the seller first to check if he’s still in business, but last I heard from him (about a year ago), he still was.

Old Glory: LINK. The pulp-era Egyptian buildings might work, and there’s a Celtic village. Can’t seem to find the buildings on the Old Glory UK website so you may have to order them from the US.

Crescent Root: LINK. Just found these on Google. They look laser-cut.

Baueda: LINK. If I was doing a 15mm Conan project based on the aesthetic of the 1982 film and wanted some civilised buildings, I’d probably start with the Baueda Urbis range, myself. Not a very big range, though. On the plus side, they also have fortifications and tents. You could make a great caravansary district with these, perfect for the Conan theme.

Magister Militum: LINK.

There’s more, I’m sure. I’m not terribly familiar with 15mm terrain manufacturers, myself.

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