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I find this kind of thing tricky… I tend to cut miniature manufacturers more slack as the ones I order from tend to be very small. I’ve only had a couple of minor instances where an order wasn’t 100% correct and I couldn’t be bothered/found it too trivial to raise with the vendor. I think in my head these guys offer a service to geeks like me and if they went out of business I’d be unhappy

This is kind of where I’m coming from, as well. The vendors may be the ones making the mistakes, but part of me feels that a bit of mercy may make the difference between them choosing to stay in business or deciding that being a manufacturer or redistributor of hobby products may not be for them after all. I do find that some vendors, judging by some of their statements in the online hobby community (not TWW in particular, just the whole community in general), seem to feel a bit harried, due partly to practical snags on the business side of things, partly to disappointing sales volumes for new products they devoted time, money and effort to, and partly to the occasional other community member who’s either expressing negative attitudes against them or making unrealistic demands of them (“Why won’t you commission a range of Achaemenid Persian hobbits like I keep asking you to?” – made-up example).

On the other hand, I do want what I ordered (obviously). In this particular case with the missing 15mm leader figure, I think I will contact the vendor.

If it’s worth your trouble to correspond with the vendor about an error, then he (or she, or it…whatever) should fix the problem.

This is an interesting problem area for me. In the cold light of reason, it really shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to compose an e-mail to a vendor. But I tend to drag my feet because I don’t want to be a burden, at least not when the vendor is a one-person operation who’s not making a living off the business and is hoping to make the business feel worthwhile partly or wholly out of a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. And so, it becomes this big negative thing in my mind, which saps my energy and makes me more lethargic.

I suppose it helps if, upon finding a vendor to be helpful and forthcoming about correcting mistakes, one makes sure to heap some praise upon them in the online community.