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Shaun Travers

It is actually called Thunderbirds – it came out last year.  I do not have it but a friend got it months ago but never played it.  Boadgamegeek link:


The players are the International Rescue Tracey brothers (and Lady Penelope) racing around in the Thunderbirds trying to resolve disasters happening around the globe.  But it soon gets hard to allocate your resources to put them all out and it becomes a bit of a race of trying to reduce disasters and stop the bad guys before you just run out time.   I had read quite a few positive reviews on this game over the last few months and so was keen to play.  It did not disappoint. All 6 of us want to play it again, and we only seem to play together once a year at Boxing Day.  So we may actually get organised and get together a few times this year for some more games.