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Avatar photoLawrence Foster

So nice to be back!  Thanks, Mike for your help if you read this.

My sons and friends prefer to play Dark Ages and games with sharp pointed sticks, and WW2.  We play 28mm exclusively because that’s the scale of minis everyone has.  I decided to explore more contemporary modern gaming when I began re-researching 19th and 20th century colonial wars (my background is Middle Eastern and Russian history), a favorite topic of mine.  I designed a modern Africa campaign game, set in a fictional West Africa, for my gaming group out of all of that and have been using FoF for that game as well as for my Vietnam game.  I am now looking at playing some games set in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The FoF rules and resource books help a lot and keep it simple for me as I don’t have to shop around for different books and rules for each conflict.  The forum is also a great way to make connections and get ideas and clarifications on rules etc.

We live in Alaska and the group is slowly moving away (kids to college and friends to new jobs or retirement to warmer climes) so finding anyone to play with is becoming more difficult, however.  Solo rules?  I have the Featherstone etc books and I have yet to try the solo activation rules found in the main rules and Ambush Valley.  Any ideas?