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It has really been for different reasons over the years.  Earlier on, it was about promote gaming, then miniatures gaming, and later  about specific periods in miniatures gaming.

In more recent years, it has changed and has become a part of the game for me.  When I started playing my African imagi-nation games, in addition to the table top game, I created characters and storylines, a sort of role-playing thing for the campaign game.  At the strategic level, the storyline contributed to the direction of the game.  I also thought that it might be fun to follow the “careers’ of officers and officials in the game.  After the first game I wrote up a short battle report for my own entertainment, with the idea that I would create a sort of diary or story of the war as a Word doc.

It actually took a couple of years before I worked up the courage, or whatever you want to call it, to start sharing it on my blog.  I really didn’t think anyone would care one way of the other, but found that some people found it interesting, either being entertained, gaining some inspiration, etc.  So I continue to do it. A few people have shared that they don’t like it, or get anything out of it, and that is fine too.  Maybe they find the accompanying photos interesting, I don’t know.

Additionally, I’ve taken to using this storyline and pseudo role-playing approach to all of my gaming, so I will probably start sharing more of these in other games and periods as time goes on.  It is simply a part of the enjoyment of the hobby for me.