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Shaun Travers

I started my blog nearly 7 years ago with one purpose – to replay the same ancient battle with multiple rulesets and describe in detail how the rule’s mechanisms worked.  There was not many games reports with details that showed the rules at a fairly low detail.  Using the same battle would also help show how different rules mechanisms handled similar situations.  So over the years I did 27 rules sets using 2 battles (Callinicum and Heraclea).

I thought that if I was interested in this stuff, there might be a few others on the internet that may also be interested and it was my way of putting out something that I  had always wanted to see.

That was the original purpose.

But I have moved away from that, although I want to get back to replaying the same battle with different rules.  It has not become a way to track how I am going with playtesting my own rules – both WW2 but especially ancients as I am using my rules to chronologically play through a whole lot of ancient battle scenarios.

So it has moved from the original purpose to more of a playtesting report site. It is so I can record how they went and I like writing them. I do occasionally go back to an AAR to re-read what transpired and how the my rules worked back then.

I also throw in the odd game I play here and there as well, if it of interest, such as a game with my children or gaming on a cruise.  These ones are mainly when I think other people may be interested in the read.