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Guy Farrish

And a good thing too. It would be a sad world where everyone…well you get the drift.

I don’t think it was the complexity; we did play games with them, but we didn’t really want to after a while. Odd things kept happening. Now it may have been because at least one of the group had the attitude that if it didn’t say you couldn’t interpret them as allowing ‘X’ he would do it, regardless of whether anyone in the history of Napoleonic warfare ever did ‘X’ or not. But we did get peculiar results which seemed to detract from the fine tuning of the various characteristics. They seemed to work the wrong way round for me – bottom up rather than top down but it is so long since I tried them that I can’t remember details. I just have this ‘not thanks’ feeling when I see the cover.

They are of course available again through John Curry’s ‘History of Wargaming Project’, so people can easily see if they like them or not.

Happy New Year everyone.