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James Rivera

Hi all.  Just signed up here and really like the look of things.  Skimmed through the ancients section and already found a bunch of pleasant miniature gaming discussions that will be a treat exploring.  I game primarily 15mm ancients, napoleonics and WWII, with the exception of a rather large GW LotR’s collection and few DUST minis.  Love the hobby and look forward to contributing here.

I would like to offer one suggestion however.  Would it be possible to maybe allow both supporting and non-supporting to ‘see’ and respond to postings in the Trading Post.  Totally appropriate to limit initiating posts for sale or trade to Supporting only, but won’t allowing everyone to see them greatly increases the likely hood of making a sale.  I ask this cause the marketplace section of the previous website I had been frequenting is about the only thing left there of much interest to me.

Thanks, James