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Some photos of our game.  Please excuse the very basic terrain – the friend I normally game with has fantastic terrain, but he was absent, so this is my rubbish ‘green parachute silk and bits of carpet’ terrain:

The battlefield: Elements of the Soviet 94th Guards Motor Rifles Division are entering from the far table edge, with the objective of bypassing and containing NATO resistance, breaking through and driving for Hamburg.


Waiting for the Soviets are the men of the 161st Panzergrenadier Battalion (Mixed), part of the 16th Panzergrenadier Brigade, 6th Panzergrenadier Division. They are part of the Danish-German-US-British LANDJUT Command blocking the way to Hamburg and the Danish border. Sadly the division is one of the last regular Bundeswehr formations fielding the M48A2GA2 medium tank. Nevertheless, these old beasts of war successfully ambush and destroy the Soviet recce element’s T-64B platoon as it noses its way out of town. The rest of the Soviet recce dive off the road and luckily manage to spot the rest of the German panzer company, though don’t spot the dug-in Panzergrenadiers lurking along the wooded ridge.


Hoping to lure the Soviets into an ambush, some of the panzers fire a few ineffectual shots and withdraw, covered by a section of Jaguar 1 tank destroyers, lobbing long-range HOT missiles into the mass of Soviet armour . In the meantime, there are some remarkably ineffectual calls for fire by attached FOOs on both sides! The German FAC has better luck however, and manages to call down a strike by Jaguar GR1s from 54 Squadron RAF (part of the UK Mobile Force reinforcement to Denmark). However, the Soviet regimental air defence troops aren’t napping and an SA-9 section manages to luckily splash the first RAF Jaguar!  A second Jaguar strike fares a little better and survives its run, though is ‘Disordered’ by the SA-9 and only manages to suppress a few AFVs before limping back to base.


As the Soviet commander wonders how he’s going to get his bridgelayer through the arch, following tanks decide to avoid the traffic jam in town and hook right, past the burning recce T-64 platoon.


The lurking M48s managed to knock out the lead T-64 platoon as it attempts to cross the bridge; much to the annoyance of some German recce troops, who were lurking nearby with Panzerfaust 44s ready to deal with the first Russkis to cross the bridge. A BRDM-2 scout car is also knocked out as it attempts to recce the river valley.  In the distance, the Soviet tanks, rashly pursuing the withdrawing panzers, have run straight into an ambush, courtesy of the dug-in 3rd Panzergrenadier Company.

At the rear of the German position, the 2nd Panzergrenadier company is dug into urban terrain, while air defence elements lurk nearby, ready to deal with any Soviet air threat.

Another view from the rear of the German position.


Here we see the situation on the German right in the aftermath of the ambush; One T-64 was destroyed outright by panzergrenadiers as it attempted to overrun the position, while another was destroyed by a flank-shot from a MILAN team. A third T-64 got bogged down as it overran the position, was counter-attacked by panzergrenadiers and surrendered! However, the panzergrenadiers were mainly driven back, though with only light losses and were soon able to rally. Not so lucky was the MILAN team, which pushed its luck and was soon overrun by vengeful Soviet recce dismounts. Nevertheless, fire from the remaining M48 within the wood managed to suppress the surviving T-64s and a bot of bad luck saw them scurrying back toward the safety of their comrades. This gave the Panzergrenadiers the time they needed to jump into their Marders and drive like hell for their fallback position at the factory. However, in the meantime they lost a further panzergrenadier section and the panzer company commander, who bravely attempted to launch a single-handed counter-attack on the flank of the Soviet tank company.

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