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All very interesting, and quite a degree of unanimity.

Of course, some weapons need much more training than others (bows need body training since childhood, crossbows and guns do not) but self-control is needed anyway.

In this case (I genuinely have no idea) is the training required specific to the bow or more a form of strength training?

Really, skill should be rating for each specific weapon. I can make a reasonable go of loading, aiming and firing a No. 4, K98, G3 or an SLR , but I still get the safely catch positions mixed up on an L85. I wouldn’t know where to start with a GPMG, and the M4 and M16 are a mystery, although I sort of know my way around an M14.

In this case though, it isn’t so much the shooting accuracy as the general adroitness in weapon handling surely (less likely to mess up magazine changes, stoppage drills, sights, ND (gulp!))?  Not that weapon handling isn’t very important of course.